László Blaskovics - male soprano
Judit Felszeghy - coloratura soprano
Marta Gal - harpsichord

Agnes Kallay graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest in 2006. In the following year she earned DAAD scholarship and moved to Cologne (Germany) to study under Maria Kliegel at the Hochschule für Musik. In 2008 she continued her studies with Nick Tzavaras and the Shanghai Quartet at Montclair State University (USA). In 2013 she completed her doctoral studies with Colin Carr at Stony Brook University (USA). In 2004 she won the Alpe Adria International Violoncello Competition in Gorizia, Italy. In 2007 she placed first at the Beethoven Chamber Music Competition, London, UK. In 2010 she was selected among the best 13 cellist at the 5th Unisa International String competition in South Africa. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 she three times won the Ackerman Chamber Music prize at Stony Brook University. In 2011 she was qualified for the final round with her flute trio at Coleman Chamber Music Competition, in Los Angeles.In 2013 with her piano trio, Trio Artica, she received Special Recognition at Plowman Chamber Music Competition in Columbia, Missouri.

As a baroque cellist, she performs with Camerata Hungarica, Mandel Quartet, Excanto and Marquise early music ensembles. She has given master classes at Renaissance and Baroque Week in Gyor (Hungary), and at Silicon Valley Music Festival in California. In September of 2013 she became, and remains, a professor at the Bela Bartok Conservatory and at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest.


Katalin Kállay studied viola at the Leó Weiner Conservatory with Sándor Papp, and recorder with László Czidra, then she continued her studies as a musicologist at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. In the meantime she studied early music and recorder with László Lőrincz at Szeged University. She has attended at master classes by Peter Holtslag, Gábor Prehoffer and Anneke Boeke. Katalin Kállay is a member of several early music ensembles such as Camerata Hungarica,  Mandel Quartet, Excanto, Marquise, Sebastian Consort,  Musica Profana,  Savaria Baroque Orchestra, Tercina, Rosella, and she has performed as a guest musician in London, Kimbolton (Kimbolton Castle), Brixworth, Welliborough, Weimar (Hochschule für Musik „Franz Liszt”), Regensburg, Belgrade, Innsbruck, Trier, Nicosia, Ljubjana, Venice. She is a regular guest at prestigious international music festivals: Budapest Spring Festival, Gödöllő Spring Festival, Budapest Bach Week, Early Music Festival in Csíkszereda, Börzsöny Baroque Festival, Zemplén Festival, Valley of Arts Festival, Seviqc Brezice Early Music Festival (Ljubljana), Tage Alter Musik in Herne,  Ars Antiqua Europae In Via Gothica, Varna Summer International Music Festival. She has given regulary concerts in the most significant music halls of Budapest such as Big Concert Hall of Academy of Music, Old Academy of Music, Palace of Arts: Festival Theatre, BMC (Budapest Music Center), Óbuda Social Circle, Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio, Nádor Hall, Bartók Béla Memorial House. Katalin has worked with such musicians as László Czidra, Pál Németh, György Vashegyi, Tamás Vásáry, Philip Pickett, Penelope Rapson (Fiori Musicali, England), Gwendolyn Toth (Artek, New York), Peter Zajíček (Musica Aeterna, Bratislava). Currently she teaches recorder and chamber music at the Leó Weiner Conservatory (Budapest), at the Béla Bartók Conservatory (Budapest), at the Mária Ward Conservatory (Budapest), at the University of Szeged Faculty of Music and gives master classes at the Renaissance and Baroque Week in Győr. She also writes music reviews and concert guides for the Palace of Arts, „The Piano” concert series, the Concerto Budapest, the Muzsika and the Müpamagazine.

Agnes Kallay - cello
Katalin Kallay -  recorder

Born in Budapest, Laszlo Blaskovics is one of the small company of male singers specialising in the soprano register.  He studied with Prof. Sylvia Geszty, Prof. Krisztina Laki and Prof. Csilla Ötvös in Vienna and Budapest.  In 2002, László won a special prize in the 8th „Sylvia Geszty” International Coloratura Singing Contest in 2002, in Murcia, Spain. His extraordinary voice is a curiosity, its exceptional range enabling him to perform the male soprano repertoire which was so popular during the baroque period. László is the leader, founder and designer of Ensemble Marquise. He designes the costumes, writes the narrative texts, plans the concert programmes and organizes the concerts. “Laszlo has an extraordinary soprano voice, evoking the authentic sound of baroque opera.” Since 2009 he is the soloist of the English early music ensemble, Fiori Musicali as well, and he teaches singing in Budapest in Hungary.


Judit Felszeghy, coloratura soprano, who also plays piano and recorder, was trained in the Kodály-method, which is a special approach to music education developed in Hungary in 20th century by Zoltan Kodaly. She has sang in prominent youth choirs and was a soloist in small groups, always feeling most at home with mediaeval, renaissance, baroque and classical repertoire. In 2003, Judit graduated in singing at the Leo Weiner College of Music in Budapest with distinction. She studied with famous coloratura sopranos: Prof. Sylvia Geszty, Prof. Krisztina Laki and Prof. Csilla Ötvös in Vienna and in Budapest. In England she feels very lucky to have regular lessons with one of her singing idols, Dame Emma Kirkby. Judit's special vocal talent is that she can sing extraordinarily fast, pearl-like coloraturas, which is particularly suitable for performing baroque arias which require virtuoso skills. Besides music she’s highly interested in linguistics. In 2002 she graduated from ELTE University in Budapest where she studied Russian philology. With her singing partner, László Blaskovics, she founded Ensemble Marquise in 2004. They have been living in the UK since 2009, where Judit is the soloist of Fiori Musicali early music group, she sings solos for choral societies, teaches singing at the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust, and she is the proud leader of JuditSingers and Whilton Warblers community choirs.

The pianist and harpsichordist Marta Gal graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, and then studied chamber music and song accompaniment at the Franz Liszt Hochschule, Weimar.

She has been teaching at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest since 1975. She teaches at the Csepel Music Conservatory and at Continuo music school as well. She acquired her mastery of the historically authentic performance of early music at the harpsichord and fortepiano master classes of Kenneth Gilbert and Jos van Immerseel in Antwerp.

Márta Gál is a member of several chamber ensembles such as Marquise, Capella Savaria, Instrumenta Historica, and also works with Ensemble Grazioso, directed by Zoltán Kocsis. She has worked for many years as an accompanist in Hungarian and international competitions and master classes, e.g. in Weimar Master Classes.

Michael Ryan -   master of ceremonies

The young actor and musical singer Michael Ryan was born in Wellinborough in 1994. However he always wanted to be an actor and musical singer.  In the secondary school he performed in a lot of shows in youth drama companies. He played main roles such as shows like: High School Musical, Grease, Troilus and Cressida, Hairspray, Spring Awakening and Sweeney Todd. He is currently study at AADA ( American Academy of Drama Arts) in Los Angeles. Michael Ryan is the master of ceremonies of Marquise Ensemble since 2013. 



The actor and musical singer, Dénes Kocsis acts in the Operetta and Musical Theater in Budapest.. He is currently performing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Chris in Miss Saigon, Mozart in Mozart, Rudolf in Elisabth and in other current shows.   In the years of his drama studies, he acted Joe and Nick in Fame; Maugli and Sir Kan in Jungle Book; Kenicky in Grease and Georg in Spring Awakening. On the screen he has appeared in TV series, films and talent shows, such as the Hungarian X-factor, Csillag Születik – ‘Hungary’s Got Talent’ and Megastar. Dénes is the Master of Ceremonies-Actor of Ensemble Marquise since 2005. He acted in several baroque drama pieces on stage like Master Pathelin and La Fontaine Tales.


Denes Kocsis -   master of ceremonies
Christian Heisz -   master of ceremonies

Christian Heisz was born in Budapest into a catholic family in 1991. Despite the fact he always wanted to be a vet, his mother took him to a casting where the six years old Christian had been chosen to a little role in a big theatre, where he got the chance to play with famous and talented actors. This experience led the boy to the ‘academy of young talents’, where he could spread his wings, and finally he became the lead child actor in many theatres in Budapest. In 1999 he had been chosen to do the Hungarian voice of Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh movies (singing parts). At this point he started to work as a voice actor, and featured in great movies, just like in the Harry Potter, Spy Kids, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and other hundreds of movies. Finally after graduation, he had become an actor, but still he was working as a voice actor, and began his new studies as an IT System Engineer. In 2012 he had become protestant, and got married to a protestant pastor, Flora. Christian is a massive short film fanatic, if he has the time, he is directing his own short films. For now he won five bigger awards for his films in Budapest. Nowadays he is singing in musicals in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland, and beside he studies in Budapest and London.