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Gems of Hungarian

Early Music


The Marquise Ensemble presents you with a programme,

which takes you across the ages of Hungarian  music

from 11st - 19th century.


The pieces are selected from:

- Hungarian folk songs from the earliest times.

- Music from the Hungarian middle ages- fragment from Sigismundian  age.

- Renaissance Music from the court of King Matthias

- Songs of Balint Balassi, the composer of the borderlands.

- Hungarian Renaissance dances and songs  from the Kájoni Codex, Levočské    manuscript, Vietóris Codex  (among others compositions from Monteverdi,

   Tardi, Schütz and also Gipsy  songs, Hungarian traditional, songs and

   Hungarian Christian songs)

- Book of Virginal from Sopron

- 18th century music ’Verbunkos’, played during military recruiting.

- 18th- 19th century  dances and songs  so-called 'flower songs'

- Duets from Harmonia Caelestis by Prince Paul Eszterházy and  pieces by

   other Hungarian 18th century  composers,  like Johann Kusser.


Hungarian „Flower songs” and Hungarian dances of the 18th and 19th Centuries
Hungarian „Flower songs” from the 18th and 19th Centuries
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